Hiltron Introduces Field-Upgradable Motorisation Kit for CPI 2385 Satcom Antenna

Accompanying image shows Hiltron’s new HMAM-based field-upgradable motorisation kit for the CPI 2385 satellite communications antenna.   

Backnang, Germany, 2 May 2024 –

Hiltron Communications announces an addition to its range of satellite communication products and systems: a field-upgradable motorisation kit specifically designed for existing fixed installations of CPI 2385 Series 3.8 metre Rx/Tx antennas in current deployment for tracking applications, or for new installations requiring tracking functionality.

A new addition to Hiltron’s HMAM product family, the motorisation kit enables significant cost savings compared to new installations. It offers a wide range of tracking capabilities including manual positioning to known satellites, automatic positioning and active step tracking. Norad TLE, inclined orbit tracking and Intelsat 11 tracking are also supported.

The first three systems recently completed successful factory acceptance tests and are now being installed at various locations around the world. Hiltron has the design and development capability to provide motorisation kits for any type of reflector on customer request.

Developed and produced by Hiltron, HMAM is a high-precision motorised satellite antenna mount designed for broadcast applications, two-way satellite telecommunication links or receive-only downlinks. An optional motorised feed changer allows the HMAM head to be moved quickly to a new position for switching between frequency bands.

HMAM comes complete with professional-grade drives for azimuth and elevation plus a high-accuracy polarisation drive. The combined head and drive form a three-axis motorised mount with 180 degrees of azimuth adjustment, 90 degrees of elevation adjustment range and fully adjustable polarisation.

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