Hiltron Services

Hiltron offers a full range of services to cover the most important of our customer requirements in the satcom business.

Hiltron offers full system design services encompassing budget calculations, technical drawings, management of interfaces and equipment and the design of redundancy systems. Hiltron’s installation and commissioning experience includes complete turnkey systems with full monitor and control capabilities, commissioning of customer-installed systems, and on-site or remote installation support.

Hiltron also offers a broad range of project management skills including turnkey system responsibility. A dedicated project manager is nominated as the customer’s primary contact to ensure efficient and consistent support. Modern management methods are used to ensure completion and operation within delivery time and budget.

Together with its partner companies, Hiltron is able to provide additional services such as spare parts management, 24/7 on-site or on-line support, and factory or an-site training.


Professional counseling and problem solving

Our customers can rely on our profound knowledge of the various products available on the market.
We expressly invite you to contact us if you have technical questions or if you require consultancy for a proper equipment selection.
Contact us at info@hiltron.de or +49-7191-343570 to hear more

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