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These are our most important business partners all of them having an excellent reputation in the satellite communication market. Please feel free to visit the webpage of our partners by clicking on the respective company logo.

As business partner of world-class manufacturers we are able to supply most of the components, devices and subsystems required for satellite communication systems. We distribute these devices on the German market and integrate them in our projects according to the requirements of our customers around the globe.

Take advantage of a proper consultancy by a team of communication professionals.

Paradise Datacom

A premier supplier of satellite communications products and subsystems, Paradise Datacom provides satellite modem and RF products to a variety of satcom technology users located around the world. Highest Power, Lightest Packages Our engineers are constantly seeking the latest technologies and processes resulting in the highest power solid state amplifiers packaged in the smallest and lightest packages and satellite modems that possess features such as embedded diagnostic tools that allow “in system” tests to be performed from virtually any location in the world.


Is a leading supplier of passive microwave components and sub-systems for the global telecommunications market. The company develops and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom-engineered terrestrial microwave components and sub-systems operating from 900 MHZ to 60 GHZ.


Is a world leading developer of technologically innovative solutions for the broadcast & satellite industry. The company’s Visionic solution is one of the most uniquely future-proof systems for making satellite monitoring and control, earth station control and other industrial and sat-com applications. Intorel’s specialist development team also provides powerful ActiveWeb tools for the IT and Web development industries. The ActiveSite compiler series enables browser-based applications using shared content to be compiled for offline use or shared across internet or intranet. The company also develops LanMate a customisable browser which provides limited web access for specialist markets.


Products include microwave components, portable satellite systems and industry specific solutions. Norsat also provides consulting engineering to meet customers’ specific needs. The company’s products and services are used extensively by telecommunications services providers, emergency services and homeland security agencies, military organizations, health care providers, news organizations and Fortune 1000 companies. Customers include the United States Department of Defense, Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force; FOX News, CBS News; Boeing, Reuters and others.

Peak Communications

is a high quality designer, manufacturer and supplier of commercial and military satellite communications equipment Peak Communications supplies to major telecommunications companies, system integrators, satellite users and defence agencies worldwide.

Sector Microwave Industries

Since 1974, Sector Microwave Industries (SMI) has been privileged to serve the microwave and RF community by supplying high-quality microwave switches for communication, military, and satellite application. SMI proudly offers a complete line of electromechanical waveguide and coaxial switches in SPDT, DPDT, transfer configurations as well as relay switches, dual waveguide and coax switches and switch assemblies for use in satellite, military and commercial ground station applications.

Cubic - Vocality

Based in three continents, Vocality International manufactures multiplexers and routers for use in the satellite, military, government and broadcasting market sectors. Vocality is a privately owned organisation, employing over 35 members of staff, across hardware and software design through to support and installation and sales functions.


A perfect EMC service at Baudisch
As a service partner for development and manufacture of innovative and electronic solutions, the integration of all essential elements of the product process is an important guideline for Baudisch Electronic GmbH.
An elementary component is the Baudisch.EMCLab - the in-house EMC lab. The industry focus of our EMC customers is in the field of industrial electronics and consumer and household technology. We support you with an EMC-compliant circuit board design and switching technology. Additionally, we also advise you to unusual orders in the HF technology.Take the benefit in the product development stage of our flexibility and know-how of our EMC team of many years. Through early measurements and given outcomes on prototypes, findings and procedures can already in the very beginning be used in the switching optimization. It saves money, shortens the time for development and enables an earlier market launch of your product.

Professional counseling and problem solving

Our customers can rely on our profound knowledge of the various products available on the market.
We expressly invite you to contact us if you have technical questions or if you require consultancy for a proper equipment selection.
Contact us at info@hiltron.de or +49-7191-343570 to hear more

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