The project

Vodafone (Arcor), the second-largest telecommunications provider in Germany, has selected Hiltron GmbH to build up the satellite receive only station for the supply of digital TV from different satellites for the new IPTV service.


The contract comprised the delivery, installation and test of

  • in total there are 13 fixed 2.4m Ku Band Receive Only Antennas of type ANDREW 243 with a dual polarity receive only feed (10.7 -12.75 GHz) and
  • 1 steerable 2.4m Ku Band Receive Only Antenna of type Hiltron/Suman HIL-2_4Ku with the same type of feed. This antenna is controlled in three axis (Az, El, Pol) by the Motor Control Unit Type Hiltron H-MCU and the Antenna Control Unit Type Hiltron H-ACU (integrated in the MCU)
  • Fibre Optic L-Band Foxcom Transmitter and Receiver incl. Hiltron controller HCS3
  • Visionic monitoring and control system including redundancy control (RUP assistant)

Two fixed antennas are dedicated for the redundant reception of Astra Satellite (19.2°E). In case of a failure in the nominal receive system the redundant antenna system will be switched over.

The remaining 11 fixed antennas are pointed to different satellites (like Hotbird, Telstar, Turksat, Eutelsat W3a, Sirius, Atlantic Star etc.) collecting the different TV programs. The steerable 2.4m Ku Band Receive Only Antenna is the redundant antenna system for the remaining 11 fixed antennas. In case of a failure in any of these antennas the steerable antenna will be pointed automatically to the relevant satellite to take over the role of the failed antenna system. In case of more than one antenna is failing at the same time the function of the antenna with the highest priority will be replaced by the steerable one.

For the reception of satellite signals professional Dual Output Ku Band LNBs with low noise temperature and high stability have been selected. In total there are 56 fibre optic L-Band links which are built up with Fibre Optic L-Band Transmitter and Receiver which are controlled by the Hiltron Controller HCS3.

For the redundancy switching some Hiltron controller type HCS3 with integrated L-Band coax switches are configured. For the signal distribution signal distributors 1:8 (Type Hiltron ASPL-1-8-F) have been used.

The whole system is controlled by the Visionic monitoring & control system which is based on a client / server architecture. The M&C system includes additionally a RUP assistant program which is controlling the redundancy function. The M&C system gives the operator information on the state of any LNB (supply parameters) and the receive level of RF signals, the Foxcom fibre optic transmitter and receiver paramaters, the configuration of antennas and the total system performance. The complete system can be fully remote controlled and is connected via SNMP to a central management system.

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