About Hiltron

Hiltron Communications is a leading European system integrator, manufacturer, and distributor in the field of satellite communication and wireless broadcast solutions. The company has been operating for more than 40 years from headquarters at Backnang near Stuttgart in Germany.

Hiltron as system integrator

With our team of highly skilled engineers we offer complete turnkey communication systems to customers worldwide. This includes all project phases from design right through to on-site acceptance and after-sales support. Our customers include satellite operators, public and private broadcasters, telecom organisations and third-party system integrators.

Hiltron as manufacturer

We design and manufacture high-grade solutions for redundancy switching, monitoring and man-agement of communication equipment. These are based on our unique HCS controller platform which comprises a large number of different plug-in modules and distributed control logic. The HCS control system HCS is the core of the Hiltron ACU antenna control unit, DCU de-icing control unit and RMU redundancy monitoring unit. The HMCS software solution can be used to monitor and con-trol the entire communication chain of a satellite earth station. We also produce the HMAM motorised antenna mount which supports dishes of up to 4.9 metres diameter. HMAM is a state-of-the-art an-tenna positioner for applications requiring affordability, reliability and ease of operation.

Hiltron as distributor

As business partner of world-class manufacturers we are able to supply most of the components, devices and subsystems required for satellite communication systems. We distribute these devices on the German market and integrate them in our projects according to the requirements of our customers around the globe.

Hiltron as service partner

Hiltron offers a broad portfolio of supporting services including full system design, installation and commissioning, project management, spare-parts management, 24/7 on-site or on-line support, and factory-based or on-site training.

Hiltron is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Hiltron holds the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, a global standard signifying our unwavering commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction.

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Professional counseling and problem solving

Our customers can rely on our profound knowledge of the various products available on the market.
We expressly invite you to contact us if you have technical questions or if you require consultancy for a proper equipment selection.
Contact us at info@hiltron.de or +49-7191-343570 to hear more

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